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Professional Security & Services

Sentry Security and Investigations is built on a strong foundation of serving the community!

With 30+ years in law enforcement and 30 in private security, the owners and managers at Sentry provide a unique perspective in the security industry.

Our complement of trained, qualified and professional officers offers a level of service that is unparalleled. We encourage a strong team atmosphere and are all integral parts of a unit that provides premium quality service to our clients.

Sentry Security is a quickly rising company that is dedicated to serving our communities and making them a safer place. Through our long history of volunteer work and giving back, we’ve learned the importance giving back, both to the community and to our team.

At Sentry, we encourage commitment, accountability and growth. With our diverse team consisting of many backgrounds of experience and training, let us handle all of your security needs with a head on and proactive approach.

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Our Services

Our Services
Guard Services
Document Service
Loss Prevention
Private Investigation
1-1 Patient Watch

Ready to find out more?

Sentry Security and Investigations has been valued by many clients all over Nova Scotia.

With approximately 150 dedicated employees, we have enough staffing to meet the needs of all clients.  With highly motivated team members, Sentry Security has been able to grow to the largest security company in Cape Breton and local area.

Sentry Security and Investigations prides themselves in providing specialized security needs whether is 1-1 Patient Watches, Hospital Security or Mental Health security, our team is trained to fit the needs of all clients.

Sentry team members are trained with Mental Health First Aid, Use of Force, Gentle Persuasive approach and Dementia certificate course.

This training has allowed staff members to provide a unique security approach in protecting clients, patients and other staff.

If you feel as you want to make a difference, help those in need and want to provide exceptional customer service, please reach out to Sentry Security and Investigations where your more then a person with a team family atmosphere.


July 18th, 2017

“I confirm that I have known Sentry Security for two years.


Sentry Security has been contracted to do security work for the Cape Breton Regional Municipality at the Civic Center and Boardwalk Sydney. Sentry has met our expectations for the past two years for which I have been present.


Their ability to communicate and to resolve conflict has been more than satisfactory.

The company and its employees are reliable, conscientious and hard working. They have accepted and adapted to change to suit our concerns here at the Civic Center and Boardwalk.


I'm happy to provide further information if required. 

Cape Breton Regional Municipality Allan Clarke, Manager, Parks & Buildings


Security Solutions

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